Guidelines for successfully planning an integrated marketing campaign


If a brand focused on only one aspect of marketing, be it print, or digital, there are a lot of potholes the campaign could fall into. Although this method does work for some specific brands, it could be a disaster if your brand and campaign is not suited to this method.


Integrated marketing communications is the process of creating a unified, seamless campaign that is run across different marketing channels. This also helps your messages and communication be consistent across your channels, presenting a united front to your target audience and consumers.


For example, although digital marketing can reach a massive, wide audience, it is also very difficult to calculate any ROI or do any post-campaign analysis on it, simply because the reach is so wide, and even with all the online tools at your disposal to help analyse your campaign, they can sometimes be difficult to use and hinder you.


Similarly with traditional marketing methods, there is a fear that it will soon be obsolete, with newspapers and magazines moving online, and broadcast channels popping up online as well. Furthermore, it’s also harder to target younger generations with traditional marketing. However it is also generally more accessible, as you don’t need to have a computer or internet for the advertisement to reach you -  just a newspaper article, or tv or radio advertisement, or even a billboard, will do.


Together though, you can cover weaknesses with the other method’s strengths. Digital marketing can help you reach out to the younger generations, where traditional marketing methods might not reach. Similarly, Traditional marketing methods can help you reach out and broaden your reach, during rush hour on the roads with radio listeners, or through family time at dinner with the television on, or even in the morning when everyone is reading newspapers on their way to work. Combined effectively, the two marketing methods can help you build a comprehensive, unified campaign to reach the maximum effect you can have on consumers.


There are even more choices to choose from: social media marketing, events, PR relations, and more- the possibilities are endless when choosing the right methods, channels, and agencies. Mediaspokes is Southeast Asia’s first most reliable media directory, listing media spaces and their specifications and profiles online for you to be able to compare and choose your right media space for your next campaign. Covering all different channels, from billboards, online, print, and broadcast, you can be sure that building your campaign on all these different channels would be easy and quick.


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