These 5 answers will make you advertise in Myanmar


Leaving Myanmar as unreached audience? Not Ever. Before we take a step forward – stop reading if your audience is not global or you have no interest in the beauty of The Golden Land. As we move along, have we each thought of advertising in airports? Surely, it is a sure way of catching the attention of a global audience. Serving as the first point of contact, your advertisements placed in airports will help you bridge the gap between your target audience and your products or services. Logical!


Why leaves Myanmar as unreached audience? As you may already know, Myanmar is filled with longingly for better times. Myanmar’s tourism industry is slowly growing, with the country having been under a military government for a long time, with power having only recently been transferred to a civilian government, many private companies are opportunists by having set up shop in Myanmar to cater to the rising number of tourists.


Although we have seen there has been a rising interest in The Golden Land, advertising in Myanmar’s airports will help contribute to the tourism sector, if not in economic terms, then by helping the incoming tourists explore the respective countries’ cultural and historical sides.


Is the government supporting? Big YES! The government’s careful watch, control, and care of the tourism sector, letting it grow bit by bit to ensure that the country is positively impacted by the growing number of foreign influence, as well as to avoid isolating the country from the rest of the world.


Who are the media players? In Myanmar, Outdoor Network helps companies looking to advertise in its airports find their footing. With 9 years of handling OOH media in Myanmar, Outdoor Network helps you execute your OOH campaigns with efficiency and ease.


The Yangon based agency covers all major cities in Myanmar, and the team is made up of richly experienced and dedicated individuals, who will ensure your next OOH campaign in Myanmar turns into a resounding success.


If you’re looking to tap into the local tourism scene in Myanmar, why not try this agency out and reap the benefits of advertising to a global audience on a local scale?


Are we resourceful? Pretty much!


You may also find out more or about other media providers by using Mediaspokes’ media directory. They are the first media directory for Southeast Asia.


If we are thinking alike, we don’t want to leave the beautiful Burma as an unreached audience. This is a market you can kick-start a brilliant topic during coffee meetings, conferences, events and meaning everywhere –


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